CCR Seminars announces collaboration with the Alaska Shorthand Reporters Association.

Alaska Shorthand Reporters AssociationCCR Seminars is proud to announce a newly-formed collaboration with the Alaska Shorthand Reporters Association.  After numerous discussions the two entities came to the realization that they share many of the same goals, namely, to support, inspire and promote the court reporting profession.  As a result of this collaboration, ASRA will now sponsor and provide CE seminars to its members and the rest of the court reporting community that is starved for an affordable, informative and convenient CE option.  ASRA will sponsor seminars/webinars using the CCR Seminars website/platform.  CCR Seminars will handle venue management, seminar presentation, customer service and other administrative duties related to the CE seminars.  ASRA and CCR Seminars will collaborate on CE seminar outlines regarding what topics and issues should be taught/discussed.

Together we look forward to serving and supporting the court reporting community.

Our Next Live Seminar/Webinar Will Be:

Held on September 15, 2018 & a full description will be available soon on our Live Seminars page.


If you have a CE deadline before then, we offer on-demand seminars that can be purchased & viewed at any time).  Please click here to review our ON-DEMAND offerings


TEXAS TWO-STEPPERS:  If you attended a full 8-hour live webinar as step 1, then step 2 is to complete the 2.5 hour Court Reporting Ethics (Version 3) on-demand seminar which is available 24/7 in our on-demand seminar library. 

Our live webinars & in-person seminars offer you...

  • No exams
  • No NCRA fees
  • No NCRA submission forms

Just sit back, listen and learn! Register/Purchase

(NCRA will be provided a list of all live attendees & CEUs earned)

If you are unavailable for a live seminar, we offer on-demand seminars 24/7.

Read what others had to say...

I, too, have been reporting since '85 and I have to tell you that your seminar is one of the best, if not the best, seminar I have ever attended in all those years!  Thank you for making CEUs so affordable and accessible and for presenting such an interresting, well-rounded seminar.  I look forward to taking your April seminar.

Jan H. Oregon Read more testimonials

All seminars are approved by NCRA

Most states only require CE seminars be approved by NCRA; NJ, TN, GA & TX require separate state approval for CE credit which CCR Seminars always obtains for our live seminars.

Who better to learn from than a working court reporter with over 25 years of experience?

Todd Allievi
Todd Allievi

Seminar Presenter & Owner of CCR Seminars

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